Complete Fire Protection & Life Safety Services in Cartersville, GA

From fire extinguisher inspections in Cartersville, GA to sprinkler system repairs and beyond, ASA Fire has you covered with comprehensive fire protection and life safety solutions. Our certified technicians provide expert services to safeguard your commercial property, employees, and equipment.

Fire Protection Systems

Keep your fire protection systems operating at peak performance with ASA Fire’s inspection, testing, maintenance, and installation services:

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Our team specializes in fire sprinkler repair, new installations, inspections, and fire pump services to ensure code-compliant, reliable sprinkler protection. We utilize the latest tools and techniques to maximize system effectiveness. Our sprinkler services cover commercial, industrial, residential, and specialty hazard applications.

Fire Alarms

We design, install, and maintain fire alarm systems tailored to your business, including 24/7 monitoring services. Our fire alarm solutions integrate seamlessly with security and surveillance systems. Regular testing ensures your fire alarms will work correctly when you need them.

Fire Extinguishers

From new extinguisher installation to recharging and staff training, ASA Fire ensures this critical first-response equipment is accessible and functional. We follow NFPA guidelines for proper placement and coverage. We also offer hands-on training for your staff, so everyone has the skills needed to save lives and property when the time comes.

Kitchen Fire Suppression

Specialized services for restaurants including inspection, recharging and repair of kitchen hood suppression systems. Our technicians are extensively trained in kitchen fire system design and maintenance requirements. Make sure you contact ASA right away when your kitchen hood fire sprinklers are discharged and we’ll come recharge them and make sure they’re back in good working order and ready.

Industrial Safety Solutions

In addition to fire protection, ASA Fire offers sales, inspection and compliance services for an array of industrial safety equipment in Cartersville:

Fall Protection

Harnesses, lanyards, and other fall arrest gear sales, inspections, and repairs to meet OSHA/ANSI standards. We offer on-site and shop services.

Gas Detection

Calibration, installation, repair, and replacement of gas monitors to detect combustible, toxic, or asphyxiating gases. 24/7 monitoring available. Some gasses are not detectable by smell, so it’s important to keep these systems well-maintained.

Emergency Safety

AED, eyewash sta