Dry Chemical Suppression for Your Paint Booth Needs!

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ASA is available for all your dry chemical suppression needs! We provide industrial paint booth fire suppression in full compliance with the national and local regulations. We test, inspect and maintain these types of dry chemical systems to ensure proper performance in the event of a fire.


ASA inspectors are licensed to inspect and provide maintenance on dry chemical suppression systems and do so in accordance with the NFPA code. The inspector will not only perform a visual inspection but also make sure all parts of the system are in working order. Your system will need to be inspected on a semi-annual basis.


A dry chemical suppression system is necessary if you have a paint booth at your facility as it is a better system for that type of environment than a standard fire sprinkler system. The dry chemical system will rapidly dispense dry chemical to quickly put out a fire and minimize any possible damage. ASA has designed and installed dry chemical systems with ease and can ensure that we will not disappoint in making this a seamless process and install for you and your company.

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